Although we mostly provide programming services to our customers, but recently we have started collaborating with one of our USA based partners in developing the following:

Electronic Telemtry Unit for Generators

The Electornic Telemetry Unit is a self-contained rugged and efficient data acquisition system specifically designed for harsh environments such as generators. It is being designed with the latest electronic hardware component technologies and not be in danger from obsolescence for 10 years. With a wide operating voltage range and versatile I/O count it allows it to completely instrument small to large generators. Additionally with the high speed Ethernet, WiFi, CAN, USB and Serial ports it can be used to replace boards in the customers system, thus reducing cost and complexity. It is equipped with 4 high resolution analog inputs, 4 frequency channels, and a high power control output. From December 2017, we would be rolling out units that are field tested with FG Wilson 100kVA Diesel Generators.